Alumni Artwork, Inc.

About the Artist

Robin Lauersdorf, Artist

Drawing Process

For many artists, drawing is used only as a preliminary means to an end. In my work, I have shown that pencil can be an art form in itself.

Using close observation, I render my graphite pencil drawings as detailed and realistic as possible. Without the use of color, my drawings must stand on design and value alone. As opposed to pen and ink, graphite pencil allows me to obtain subtle values ranging from very light to very dark. Unlike charcoal, graphite allows for the fine details that help my art mimic reality.

My design process can take longer than the drawing itself. Like most artists, I have a vision of what I want to create and must research, photograph, and sketch until I have illustrated what I envisioned. Because of the level of detail I try to achieve, it can take me as long as three months of meticulous work to complete a drawing.

Ideas for my drawings come in many forms. As a Wisconsinite, I am often inspired by the spectacular wildlife in my state. I have always been interested in the work of MC Escher, and I recently completed a series of drawings that play with reality and fiction as his do. I also create drawings of colleges and universities across the nation that allow alumni to display their pride in their institution.

Personal Portraits

Preserve your memories with Robin Lauersdorf’s beautiful, meticulously rendered graphite pencil portraiture. Robin can work from your favorite photographs of your children, spouse, parents, or pets to capture the details of your loved ones in an image that will last forever.

chucks-kids grandpa-ma humberto-kids jordan-richard

Robin offers traditional portraits as well as portraiture that captures the interests and hobbies of you or an important person in your life.

buffalo-soldier keg-man

Robin also creates original “life portraits,” drawings that illustrate the most important aspects of one’s life. A life portrait might include family, favorite pets, childhood memories, athletic accomplishments, hobbies, and the growth of one’s business. Robin collaborates with you to design a unique piece of art that you believe best represents your life or the life of a loved one.


Professional Portraits

Graphite pencil provides the perfect medium for timeless, professional portraiture of business or academic leaders. Robin Lauersdorf works with corporations and academic institutions to create portraits of CEOs, presidents, or deans. Robin can draw from photographs from vastly different eras to produce portraits that provide a consistent representation of your organization’s past and present leaders.

chief dean0

dean1 dean2

dean3 horizon-portraits

University Projects—Gifts of Distinction

Artwork that represents the most cherished architecture and traditions of your college or university provides a meaningful gift for donors. Robin Lauersdorf can work with your association during a fundraising project to create these beautiful gifts.

Robin collaborates with you to design an original work, visiting your campus to take photographs and research its most memorable features. Robin then meticulously crafts a graphite pencil drawing, which your association purchases. This original drawing is perfect for display in the office of the president or in another important location on campus.

Robin creates prints of the artwork that are framed with museum-quality materials, which can be used as gifts for important donors. Robin can also create diploma frames for your association to market to alumni and parents of recent graduates as a fundraiser.

lawton-research texas-am